Signs of merit

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Invention sertificates related
to the experimental transporter-like setup,
dedicated to search for the element 105
in the spontaneous fission mode.
(LNR, 1969) :

Element 105 discovery Diploma (1973) :

Dubna pride :

"Joint Institut for Nuclear Research"
(Picture taken by N.I. Kozulina)

sertificate (1989) :

autograph (1989) :

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research first rank award 1994 to Yu. Lazarev for the "Discovery of high stability of nuclei in the vicinity of deformed shells N=162 and Z=108" :

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
first rank award 1996
to Yu. Lazarev (postmortem) for
"The synthesis of heavy isotops
of elements 108 and 110"

The Academician G.N.Flerov Prize 1997
to Yuri Alexandrovich Lazarev (postmortem)
for the series of works :
"Experimental and theoretical studies of the properties of superheavy elements wich led to the dicovery of the new domain of stability in the region of
Z=108 and N=162"

(shared with A.Sobichevski and S.Hofmann) :