Rus Page dedicated to the memory of
Yuri Alexandrovich Lazarev
(1946 -- 1996)

well-known scientist
in the region of nuclear physics

Yu. Lazarev

Short biography
  • Yu. Lazarev born June 29, 1946 г. in Riga.
  • In 1963-1969 studied at the Faculty of Physics and Mechanics of the Leningrad Politechnical Institute.
  • After graduation worked in Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (FNRL) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna, Russia).
  • In 1972 -- coathored discovery of the element 105.
  • In 1979 defended PhD thesis "Prompt fission neutron multiplicity from nuclei in the region of Curium - element 102".
  • In 1989 - 1996 -- head of Synthesis and properties of superheavy nuclei Research Group in Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR.
  • Passed Apr 15, 1996.
  • Main research topics:
    • synthesis and properties of the new superheavy nuclei
    • physics of nuclear fission
    • heavy ion induced nuclear reactions
    • associated experimental techniques
  • Scientific summary:
    • More then 60 published scientific papers
    • Coathored discovery of the element 105 of the Mendeleev Periodic Table (Nucl. Phys. A160, pp. 181-192, 1971)
    • Mohograph "Heavy Ions and Nuclear Fission" (joinly with Yu. Ts. Oganessian), published in "Treatise on Heavy-Ion Science" (D.A.Bromley, ed.), v.4, pp.1-251, New York, Plenum Press, 1985
  • Scientific awards:
    • element 105 discovery diploma (1973)
    • JINR first rank award 1994 for the "Discovery of high stability of nuclei in the vicinity of deformed shells N=162 and Z=108"
    • JINR first rank award 1996 (postmortem) for "The synthesis of heavy isotops of elements 108 and 110"
    • the Academician G.N.Flerov 1997 Prize (postmortem) for the series of works "Experimental and theoretical studies of the properties of superheavy elements wich led to the dicovery of the new domain of stability in the region of Z=108 and N=162" (shared with A.Sobichevski and S.Hofmann)
  • Science management (in different years):
    • deputy scientific secretary of Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions
    • scientific secretary of LNR scientific council and LNR council for academic titles
    • secretary of JINR New technics committee
    • deputy head of Heavy ions committee
    • participation in preparation and holding many big international conferences on Heavy ions physics
    • Committee member of Dubna - Grenoble collaboration (project PIAF)
    • since early 90-th headed from FLNR side following international collaborations:
      • Dubna - Livermore, USA (University of California, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – LLNL)
      • Dubna – IN2P3, France (Institut de Physique Nucleaire de Lion)

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